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One Instant
by Stacy
Visual rated NC-17. Do not read if you are underage.

The chilly night air swarmed around me as I strolled along the beach, breathing in the fresh scent of the water. The hotel was becoming nothing more then a smattering of lights in the distance. This country was incredibly beautiful ... it just did something to me ... or maybe it was the effect of the ocean. I felt so free, so alive, a feeling that I hadn't had in a while.

Here I am, on tour with the biggest group in the world, having lucked out and landed the job as their publicist. It was demanding and grueling, but a lot of fun. At 23, it was the job of a lifetime, and the boys themselves were great to work with.

My thoughts soon drifted to Nick, and quickly became less pure. I just couldn't help myself. The boy was so beautiful. That hair, those eyes and his broad shoulders were a complete turn on. Not to mention his voice, and his innocence about the world. He always saw everything in such a simple, positive light. We had a lot of fun together ... since the other guys had girlfriends and Nick was recently single, it was often the two of us taking in the sights or checking out a movie.

Looking ahead, I saw the distant marina. I trudged up the dunes, towards the dock, hoping for a better view of the island. The dock, I discovered, was about 25 feet above the water, at its top. I wandered to its edge, staring down at the twinkling water below. It was so clear that I could see it was only a few feet deep ... I could even see the clunky rocks below the surface. I leaned closer, my toes hanging off the edge, when I lost my footing.

The next few minutes are a blur. My feet flew out from underneath me and I screamed, arms flailing. I managed to grab onto the dock with one hand, but I knew I could never hold myself. Just when my fingers began to slip, I felt his hands grip my arm and wrist.

Shocked, I looked up to see Nick's blue eyes staring down at me in panic.

"Oh God, Nick!" I screamed. "Please help me! I slipped ..."

"Shh, just reach up with your other arm and grab onto me," he said.

I did as I was told, and he pulled me up. The last jerk of my arms sent me flying on top of him, slamming him onto the dock.

We were both breathless, and for a minute, all I could do was lay my head on his chest and gasp my thanks.

"What ... how did you get here?"

"Well, when they told me that you had went for a walk, I decided to see if you wanted some company. I had just about caught up with you when you headed for the dock. I was gonna let you alone, but thank God I didn't."

I lifted my head to meet his gaze. "I'm glad you didn't."

Then it just happened. He pulled my face to his and kiss me, quickly slipping his tongue into my mouth. I responded by grabbing the back of his head and using my own tongue.

His hands were all over me, quickly getting underneath my sweatshirt and unsnapping my bra. He rolled over so that he was on top of me, burying his face in my neck, covering it with kisses and sucking on my earlobe.

Those hands were still exploring, having pulled off my bra. He yanked my sweatshirt up, exposing my aching breast. First, he took the left one in mouth, flicking the nipple with hot tongue at first and then taking it fully into his mouth. He soon did the same to the other one, while his hands explored below the waist.

"Nick, Jesus," I moaned, arching my back. I ran my hands through his hair, watching his intently.

He squeezed my thighs, then massaged my pelvic area, making me hotter and wetter then I already was. I yelp in excitement when I felt his fingers slip underneath my clothes and inside of me.

Grabbing his head, I pulled him up for another long, hot kiss, moaning into his mouth as he rubbed his thumb against my clit while his fingers moved in and out of me.

"Let me show you what feels really good, baby," he whispered, pulling down my pants and replacing his thumb with his tongue. He licked hungrily at it, stopping every once in a while to blow softly on it.

"Oh yes, Nick! Damn, that feels so good!"

He continued pumping those long fingers in and out of me while he sucked harder and harder on my clit. My walls started to close around his fingers, and I screamed that I was going to come. That only made Nick suck harder.

The first wave crashed over me, sending me over the edge. My body writhed underneath and shook with the power of the orgasm. But he didn't stop, and I soon felt the second creeping up on me.

"Nick, oh God ...please don't stop."

He stopped after the third, coming up for air. I barely gave him the chance eagerly kissing him and lapping up my own juices.

I tugged at his running pants, pulling them off along with his briefs, exposing his manhood. Long and thick, it was even better then I expected.

"Damn, Nick, why did you keep this from me for so long?"

"I don't know, baby," he groaned, grabbing it with his hand and pushing himself to my mouth.

I complied, slowly licking him at first, then taking his full length in, slowly rubbing his balls.

"Oh, yeah, baby, faster. Suck it faster!" He cried, arching his way into me.

I gripped the base of him and sucked as fast as I could, getting hotter and hotter with each of his moans and cried. Finally, I could take it no longer. I shoved him down onto the dock and climbed on, quickly inserting his hard cock into me.

"Yeah, damnit, girl, fuck me!" he gasped, grabbing my hips.

I rode him hard, rocking back and forth as he bucked his hips to my rhythm. I felt my walls closing in and around his cock and knew it was close.

"Nick, Nick, I'm gonna cum!" I screamed just before I did so, arching my back and calling out his name again.

"Me too baby," he cried, grabbing my hips and holding me still so he could give a few final hard thrust before he came.

"Uh, oh, oh yeah!" He cried. I watched his face as it scrunched up in sheer ecstasy then relaxed again. He licked his lips and gasped for air.

I collapsed on top of him, exhausted.

"Thanks for saving my life," I whispered.

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2005. Not associated with any celebrities mentioned. All stories are fiction. Any significance to real life situations, attitudes, or actions are purely coincidental. Some stories archived without permission due to unreachable authors with fan requests. No ownership of archived stories claimed and remain property of the original author. For more information, see here. Latest browsers and javascript compatibilty recommended for optimum viewing.

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