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Number One Crush
by Stacy
Visual rated NC-17. Do not read if you are underage.

Tonight was the night. I was determined. Tonight, I was going to have him at all costs. I had scored backstage passes, and told my best friend Katie of my plan. She said sheíd do whatever it took to make it work.

Before the show, we headed back. I was more then happy to meet the other guys. AJ hit on me and Brian was making funny faces, entertaining the crowd. Kevin and Howie mingled, trying to meet as many of the fans as they could. But I had the other one in mind.

Of course, he was surrounded by the younger girls. I could see him clearly as he towered above them. His 6í2 frame was beautiful...God, he looked so hot in his Millennium costume, his spiky blonde hair making him look even hotter. He patiently listened to each girl profess their love for him and need to have his child, licking his lips and smiling, knowing full well the effect he was having on the girls.

Staring at him, I willed him to look at me. I stood confident above everyone else. At 22, I was probably one of the older ones in the room. My 5í4 frame was curvy, and my outfit subtly showed them off, my v-neck shirt displaying just a bit of my flesh, and my black flare pants hugging my hips tightly.

Then he looked up. Our eyes met, and I sucked in a deep breath. I could have went for him right there in front of all those people. His blue eyes drew me in. He wanted me too, I could tell. His eyes were wide and he unconsciously licked his lips again. I smiled at him, switching my stance so that he could get another view.

Just as he was about to make his move towards me, they had to go on stage. He was disappointed, I could tell. He shot a look in my direction, staring, not wanting to leave. I smiled again, mouthed the word Ďlaterí and sauntered off.

I have front row seats, you see.

The concert began with the star wars music, and the boys stomped out on stage. Of course, they couldnít see the fans until Larger Than Life started and the lights flew on. He danced around, taking in the fans and getting his eyes used to the lights. I was in the center section, and as he walked by, I stood still amidst the wildly flailing arms, and he saw me. He stopped dead in his tracks and stared. A slow smile spread across his face and he went on with the show. He had a lot of energy that night.

During the second encore, a bodyguard brought me a note. Meet me at the Hilton, room 1112, at midnight. Weíll be back by then. It was signed, Nick.

I nearly creamed my panties right then in there. But instead, I just grinned up at him, nodding slightly.

Two hours later, I found myself standing in front of his door, room 1112. He was there, I had watched him come in and get on the elevator 20 minutes ago.

You can do this, I reassured myself. I had never done anything like this before, but Nick Carter just did this to me.

Taking a deep breath, I knocked on his door.

He was waiting. He opened it right away. And there he stood. God, even more beautiful. His hair was still loose around his face, but he wore a pair of loose black sweats and a white wifebeater. His shoulders were broad, and his arms were muscled. He was much bigger in person.

For a minute, we just stared at each other, sizing one another up. Finally I spoke.

Gonna let me in?

Oh, sorry, Damn! That beautiful mouth was only inches away from my own. Come on in.

The room was a mess, of course. I could tell he had hastily tried to clean it up. A gaping suitcase was crammed into a corner, and Dreamcast games were laying all around it.

I decided to make myself comfortable and sat down on the bed.

Nice show, I said. I hope the encore is even better.

He grinned, standing before me with his left foot slightly in front, supporting his weight. He ran his hands up and down the front of himself, touching his chest and tummy.

And what would that be?

That would be the part where you fuck my brains out.

Gladly, he said.

With one deft move, he was on top me, his hot lips on mine. My heart was beating wildly and I lunged for him, matching his kiss. He forced his tongue in my mouth and I responded with my own, grabbing the back of his head and pulling him closer to me.

Whatís your name? he finally asked between kisses.


Well, Stacy, you are hot as hell, and believe me, youíll be sore when you walk out of here tonight.

The sound of his heated voices only made me wetter. I grabbed his shirt and ripped it off of him, taking in his chest and stomach. With both hands, I squeezed each nipple and he groaned loudly, pushing me down onto the bead. He pulled my shirt of as well, then my bra.

Damn, women, he said, staring at my tits for a minute before taking one in his mouth and the other in his hand.

Oh God, I said, grabbing his ass. I had wanted to touch that ass for years. Hungrily, I rubbed it, gripped it.

Mmmn.... he said, still sucking me. His hands soon moved down to my pants, pulling them off along with my underwear. He sat up on his knees, admiring the view.

You are beautiful.

So are you, I said, running a finger down his chest. His skin was so soft....

Take your pants off, I commanded.

He did as he was told and was soon naked in front of me. God, what a sight. Fairly long and very thick. He stayed on his knees as I stared at his hard cock, finally taking it in my hands and stroking it.

Yeah, he moaned, arching his back.

I gripped a little hard and continued my actions, feeling his hardness grow in my hands. Soon, pre-cum appeared on the tip and I licked it off.

God, baby, suck my cock, please, he begged breathlessly.

I took him into my mouth, still gripping the bases. First slow, then quicker, I moved my lips over him. His moans of pleasure soon became growls and he pushed my head with his hand, pushing himself deeper into me.

At this point, I was dripping wet. He sensed this, and keeping his cock in my mouth, leaned down to stroke my pussy. First he played with the outer lips, then plunged two long fingers into me.

I moaned onto his dick, making him even stiffer. He finger-fucked me harder, teasing my clit every now and then.

Stop! he suddenly said.

What? I asked, breathless.

If you donít, Iíll cum, and I want to do that inside you.

He pushed me onto the bed, and his head was soon between my legs, his tongue hungrily licking and sucking at my clit while his fingers still pumped inside of me.

Oh yes, Nick, I cried out, lifting myself into him. I canít wait anymore! I want you in me! Fuck me now!

That was all it took. With one move, he shoved that big dick inside me, causing me to scream in pain and passion.

God, your cock is so fucking big and thick!

You like it baby? Youíre so wet...and tight...uh...God, you got a great little pussy!

Mmmm, do it harder, baby.

He thrusted harder and deeper, fucking me so fast I thought I would pass out from ecstasy. My walls began to tighten around him, and I knew I was gonna cum.

Nick, donít stop...Iím gonna cum!

Yeah, girl, cum for me! His voice was breathless.

I obeyed, arching my back and crying out as I came, screaming his name.

But he didnít stop. He continued to pump me, going even deeper. Soon, I felt myself on that edge again.

Yes, yes, oh God, Nick! Yes! I screamed again as I came a second time.

Iím cumming too, baby! he cried, sweat pouring off him. I felt his hot juice enter me and I sighed with delight.

Oh, uh yeah, Oh GOD! he cried out, giving me a few more final hard thrusts before collapsing on top of me.


Nick and I still get together from time to time, just for old times sake. :)

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