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Welcome Home
by Danielle
Adult content.

I heard keys in the front door and before it could be unlocked, I flipped the lock and opened the door. Before I knew what was happening, a pair of lips were devouring mine as I was pressed against the door. I wrapped my arms around him and tangled my fingers in his hair. He managed to rip himself away from me long enough to get us out of the way of the door and closed it. It was a good thing too, because my thin robe was just not cutting it against the cold wind blowing in. I felt my back being pressed against the wall as his hands slid underneath my robe to slide over my hips. His fingertips dug into the small of my back as he pulled me as close to him as he could. His tongue curled around mine and sucked ferociously on it, making a moan rumble in the back of my throat.

His hands seemed to be everywhere, like they didnít know what to touch first. His lips left mine and left trails over my jaw and down my neck, his teeth nipping at my collarbone and sending a gasp out of my mouth.

My fingers tangled more tightly in his hair, pressing his mouth closer as his fingers found the tie of my robe and slipped the knot out and opened the robe. His eyes roamed my nakedness appreciatively, "Beautiful." It was whispered on the edge of a moan, the sound of it pure music to my ears.

The material was pushed off my shoulders and slid down the length of my body until it was in a pool on the floor around my feet.

With one more kiss, his body started the same descent downwards, his lips kissing, his fingers caressing until he was on his knees before me.

I looked down at him, unable to breathe from anticipation., needing him so badly.

His fingers slid over the skin of my lower stomach and found themselves tangled in the patch of coarse hair that lay between my legs. "So Beautiful..." His fingers started moving again, through the hair and over sensitive flesh, my ability to breath kicking into overdrive, sending the oxygen I was gulping in at a furious rate out again in a stream of moans and shuddering exhales that threatened to close my throat completely.

With the hand that was tangled in his hair, I urged his head closer to jewel that awaited him and I wasnít disappointed when he gave in to the gentle nudge and his tongue was running through the patch of hair, licking up my scent, before turning his attention to swollen, sensitive flesh that lay nestled there.

With the first touch of tongue on burning flesh, I cried out into the silent room and felt his hands holding my hips against the wall, keeping my shaking knees from caving beneath me.

Under the slow, patient care of his mouth, he played every nerve in my body like a virtuoso, until my own voice provided the chorus to his symphony, crying out his name as I sank against him, spent.

His hands allowed me to sink down the wall until I was on cradled in his arms, our struggling breaths the only sounds in the room.

When I could breathe again I raised my hand to lay it on the side of his face, feeling the warmth of his skin, "I missed you, Kevin."

He smiled softly and nuzzled his face in my neck, kissing over the point where neck met shoulder and then pulling away to look down into my eyes with his clear green ones, "I missed you too, Nicky."

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