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The Video
by Danielle
Adult content.

You wrap your robe around yourself as you wait for him to arrive. The crew sips coffee and adjusts lights and camera angles until they are satisfied that everything is perfect. You sit lightly on the bed, not wanting to disturb anything on the set. You have been hired as the female lead in Kevin Richardson's first solo video and you are nevous as hell. At the audition two weeks previous, you walked in, shook hands with both the director and Kevin, feeling sparks travel up your arm as you gazed into his velvety brown eyes and introduced yourself. "Hello Kevin, I'm __" The formalities out of the way, the job was explained to you. This is to be a video to showcase Kevin's adult side since the BSB days. You were asked to kiss him, to give the director an idea of the chemistry between the both of you. You nearly fall to the floor, hell even if you didn't get the job, you still get to kiss him, which is worth more than the money you would be paid for the video anyways. You both leaned into each other and he wrapped his arms around you, squeezing you closely against him. Your eyes close as you tilt your face upwards to meet his lips. You feel his hands cup your face as his lips touch yours. Somone had once told you that if a man has strong lips, you can feel the kiss weakening your knees. Hell, you think, this man has the strongest lips you've ever felt, as you wrap your arms around his waist to keep from melting to the floor in a deliriously well kissed puddle. You feel the tip of his tongue lick sofly at your closed lips, as everyone else in the room just totally becomes nonexistant. Your lips part slightly, giving him unspoken permission to kiss you more deeply. He takes full advantage of it, his tongue finding places in your mouth you didn't even know existed. His fingers tangle into the softness of your hair as the director clears his throat, "Okay, that was wonderful, thank you." That breaks the spell the both of you had been under and you pull away, still slightly dazed from the way your blood had sped up the moment his lips touched yours. You work on slowing your breathing, trying not to let him know just how much that kiss rattled you. You don't know it, but he is doing the same thing, while he tries to figure out what in the world possessed him to kiss you like that. He'd wanted to do it since the second you walked in, but never in a million years was he going to act on it. He sat beside the director, his body already aching, wanting to follow up on that kiss so badly. Your information was taken, a polaroid snapped of you and another handshake with the director and Kevin, before you were out of there. Kevin turned to the director as soon as the door had shut behind you. "She's the one." The director raised an eyebrow, "Don't you want to see the others? She's only the fourth one in." Kevin shook his head, "No. If I'm going to spend days on end shooting a video, it's going to be with that girl, the woman of my dreams." The director chuckled and Kevin blushed, realizing he'd said that last part out loud. So now, here you sit, waiting for the man himself to show up so shooting could get under way. A few minutes later a hush falls over the room as a burst of activity happens at the door. A few minutes later, Kevin himself is infront of you. "Hey ___, nice to see you again." You are pleased that he remembers your name and just as pleased that the same electricity as before shoots up your arm as he shakes your hand. He's already immaculately groomed and smells so wonderful, it's all you can do not to bury your nose in his collarbone and inhale his musky scent. You look him over and appreciate the way his black jeans hug his body in all the right places.

His white button down shirt has the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, showing off the bronze perfection of his lower arms.The director comes over and gets you to open your robe to let Kevin have the final approval on the lingerie the stylist had picked out for you. His eyes roam over your body, clad only in the robe and a black lace bra and panty set. He smiles shyly and nods, "That will work" The terrycloth robe you are wearing is traded for a silk chinese inspired dress and heels. The music is cued, the lights set and you and Kevin are placed on your marks. The video is centered mostly around the bed, that is the keystone of the whole set. The black satin sheets arranged just so, begging to be rumpled. Once you and Kevin are given your instructions, the cameras roll and silence falls on the set. Kevin takes your hair down from it's twist and it falls in soft waves around your shoulders. He runs his hands through it's softness as he stands so close you can feel the heat coming off of his skin through the silk of your dress. Your eyes close as his fingers tangle in your hair and he leans in to kiss you. The same magic happens when your lips touch, only even more intense this time. You wrap your arms around his waist as every nerve in your body rejoices that you are back in his arms and his lips are back on yours. You hear a soft moan coming from him, so low you can hardly hear it and way too low for anyone else to. It's then that you realize that this may not be just another video for him either, that maybe he feels the chemistry between you. His hands come out of your hair and slide slowly down your waist pulling you tighter to him. You take his hands in yours and gently guide them to your sides, nudging them upwards towards your breasts. Someone has to get this love scene started, you think. Kevin eagerly takes the subtle hint and his hands slide up to your breasts, cupping one gently in each hand. He finally breaks the kiss and you open your eyes to see his lazer light green ones hazy with desire. Surprise rushes through your body as you realize that this isn't just some play acting to him, he actually wants you, badly. Surprise wasn't the only thing running running through Kevin's body as he tries to stop himself from what he is about to do. 'This is the set of my video, I can't do this infront of all these people. Oh god, body please behave, please.' He kisses you hungrily again and realizes that behaving is the last thing his body wants to do. His hands leave your breasts and his lips leave yours as kisses over your jaw and down your neck. He plants little nibbling kisses over your collarbone, stopping at your supra sternal notch(that indent right at the base of your throat) to run the tip of his tongue around it and when he hears your breath quicken in response, he plunges his tongue right in. You dig your fingernails into the small of his back in surprise, then wrap your arms around him tightly to stop your knees from totally giving out on you. He notices the effect he's having on you and using the whole of his mouth, he sucks ardently on that tender little piece of flesh. You are not even sure if you are breathing anymore, as your fingernails dig deeper into his back. He gently nibbles the along your collarbone and pulls away, his hands reaching for the clasps on your dress. Within seconds, the dress is in a pretty little pile on the floor and you are standing infront of him wearing only your high heels and the lacy lingerie he had approved not even fifteen minutes ago. He looks you over appreciatively and takes your hands in his, placing them on his chest. You realize that he wants you to start undressing him. Your fingers slide over the soft material of his shirt, feeling the muscles rising like braille out of his skin. Your fingers go on autopilot as one by one the buttons are undone. You push open the sides of the material and reveal his torso.

My god, you think, the pictures you'd seen didn't do this boy justice. Your fingers run over each cut muscle, assuring your eyes that the sight infront of you was indeed real. You lean closer to him and your lips find the taut skin of his chest. His breath quickens as you kiss over his chest and then lightly circle the tip of your tongue over his nipples, causing a low growl to escape from the back of his throat. You feel his knees wobble and you gently guide him back onto the bed, before he falls over. He lets you strip his shirt from him before you gently push his shoulders onto the mattress. You kneel over him, running your lips and tongue over every inch of his torso, tracing each muscle in his abs with the tip of your tongue. You sneak a look up at his face and see him biting his lower lip, a look of pure desire on his face as he closes his eyes. You make your way to the edge of his jeans, kissing along the edge and licking softly at the tender flesh. He can take no more and pulls you up to meet his hungry mouth, his soft lips nearly causing you to lose consciousness. He rolls you both over and gives you a look that says, 'My turn.' In one smooth motion, he has your bra off and tosses it in the pile along with your dress and his shirt. He runs his lips down your neck and goes straight for your breasts, his mouth latching onto your nipple hungrily. You have to bite back a moan as you feel his tongue tracing crazy circles before a deliciously hard tug causes you to grip the sheets in exquisite torture. He does the same to the other side and you tangle your fingers in his hair, pushing his mouth closer. He smiles and obliges you, taking more of your breast into his mouth with a brutal tug. When you can take no more, your hands reach down and start to open the button fly of his jeans. You reach the second button and he stops you. You look down his body and realize why, peeking out of the opening are a few wisps of coarse, dark hair. You smile evilly, realizing that he's gone "freestyle" today. You rub your fingers over the front of his jeans, teasing him a little, 'What the hell? If he can torure me, I can torture back', you think. You smirk, thinking that you have him caught between a rock and a hard place(no pun intended ;) ) You know he wants you, that much is obvious from the hardening of his body on your thigh, but with a room full of people and cameras, what was he going to do? He sees the evil little smirk on your face and a look of determination sets itself across his features. You have the feeling that you are gonna pay, bigtime, for that smirk. He shimmies down your body and starting at the edge of your panties, he kisses, licks and nibbles over your stomach. His tongue feels like warm, wet velvet as it slides over your skin. Your back arches off the bed as you close your eyes and lick your lips in pleasure. He runs his tongue around your belly button and then plunges it right in, sending electricity running through your entire body. He smiles, pretty happy with himself for turning the tables on you. You feel your hips rubbing against his slowly, a movement that is totally beyond your control. You see his teeth grip his bottom lip and you know that his body is raging just as far out of control as yours. He kneels between your legs, letting his gaze wander to the strip of lace between your legs. He lifts your leg and places your heel on his shoulder, taking the shoe off your foot. Then he lifts the foot to his mouth and proceeds to kiss the end of each toe. Before you can react, he has one of your toes in his mouth, using his tongue and mouth to nearly drive you out of your mind. Once he finishes lavishing attention on each of your toes on that foot, he does the same to the other one. You spend the entire time gripping the sheets in your hands and trying not to utter a sound, like it was just any other video shoot. The thoughts going through your mind at that moment are anything but professional. He sets your foot down and crawls up your body, taking the time to kiss up the inside of your thighs. He lays between your legs, pulling the sheet up from the bottom of the bed to cover you both from the waist down. Once the sheet covers you, he leads your hand down his chest and lets it go when it reaches his abs. Your hand keeps going on its own, tracing a line down the center of his abs as you feel his stomach muscles jump and his breath catch in his throat. Your hand undoes that last few buttons of his jeans and then slides under the thick material to caress him. Since moaning was out of the question, he leans down and kisses you with such force and passion, that it leaves you breathless. Your hands find the edge of his jeans and you slide your hands down his hips, bringing the jeans with them. He kicks them off and slides them off the bed with his foot. You couldn't believe that Kevin Richardson was in bed with you and he was naked. Did life get any better than this? You didn't have to answer that question, because you felt his fingers grip the front of your panties and with a savage tug, they ripped from your body, the flimsy lace giving easily. He takes the scrap of black lace and throws it over his shoulder. Without another second of wasted time, he wrenches your legs further apart and buries himself deep within you, filling you completely. Your eyes widen almost imperceptably, never expecting him to go this far, but glad as hell that he did. He smiles as he looks down into your eyes and your bodies find a primal rhythm. He braces himself above you on his forearms as you wrap your legs around his waist. Each stroke becomes harder and deeper as he never breaks eye contact from you for a second. Sweat beads on both of your bodies, as an ache deep inside you tells you that this man knows what he's doing and he's doing it well. You can tell that he's feeling the same way as he whimpers slighly as your hips rise up to meet every thrust. The ache grows bigger inside you and you know it will not be long before you explode into a million pieces. With a few more soul shaking, urgent movements, you both stop suddenly, Everything around you falls away, except the liquid pools of lust clouded green that had never left yours for an instant. There is no sound, no movement in the world around you at that second. The stillness is broken as you feel a surge of warmth rush deep inside you. You feel every cell in your body scream silently, an orgasm careening wildly through you, like nothing you had ever experienced before. Outwardly you do nothing but stare deeply into his eyes, letting him see exactly what he has done to you. You see the same emotions running behind his eyes as he breaks eye contact and collapses on top of you, his body shuddering with ecstasy. You wrap your arms around him and notice for the first time the absolute silence on the set. You turn your head and see the whole crew looking at the both of you, not knowing whether to believe if you actually did it or not. The director grins, " I don't know about anyone else, but I need a cigarette." Everyone agrees and leaves the studio, leaving you and Kevin to fall in a satisfied sleep among the rumpled satin sheets.

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2005. Not associated with any celebrities mentioned. All stories are fiction. Any significance to real life situations, attitudes, or actions are purely coincidental. Some stories archived without permission due to unreachable authors with fan requests. No ownership of archived stories claimed and remain property of the original author. For more information, see here. Latest browsers and javascript compatibilty recommended for optimum viewing.

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