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by Danielle
Adult content.

Note:This is something I wrote off the top of my head on IM in real time for Whitney (of Legend and Where Can We Go From Here fame) who was having a paralyzing case of Finals Stress and drastic measures were called for. If it sucks, keep in mind I wrote it in an hour and a half off the top of my head. Heck, I was just impressed with myself I could still write smut. =)

Whitney threw knapsack down and took her hair out of the dusty ponytail it was in. Today was the shittiest of days. On the scale of one to ten, this day was a 310.

First, there were finals, that was bad enough in itself. Then, the cafeteria had what they called "Salad Daze" on and not a morsel of meat or meat by-product was to be had to consume only *shudder* raw vegetables as far as the eye could see.

Scooping a takeout container of salad into her knapsack along with a soda, she trudged out to the stables, hoping that some time with her horse would make the day turn around from it's sucking in epic proportions

Outside the stables she saw a car parked that did not look familiar along with a man who looked truly lost. She knew the chances of this day turning around had just went screaming downwards.

The man turned around and Whitney caught her breath in her throat, instantly recognizing the shimmering blue eyes, the slightly strawberry tinted blonde hair and the prominent jawline. It was....

"Hi, I'm Brian. I'm sorta lost. I wanted to go riding and the owner of the stable said that I could find someone named Whitney here to take me. Came highly recommended. Do you know her?"

Whitney tried not to cheese, really really tried not to cheese, but she just couldn't help it. Chuckling, she nodded, "I can do you one better than knowing her. Hi Brian, I'm Whitney."

He reached out to shake her hand and it was all Whitney could do not to feel her insides drop down to her toes and then ooze back to where they belonged. Damn the man had strong hands.

Pulling her hand away, she nodded at the business suit Brian was wearing, "You trying to impress your mount? Trust me, they really don't keep up with design trends. Although Kariel may just snack on it."

Brian grinned that smile that lit up his whole face and Whitney felt a sudden need for sunglasses, even though it was cloudy outside.(cheesy I know, but dammit...)

He reached into his car and pulled out a duffel bag, "I've got a change of clothes right here. I was in meetings all day and right now all I want to do is just get out where I can't see an office building and no one is calling me Mr. Literal. I swear, you'd think my last name was albanian or something..."

Whitney bit her lip as Brian kept on kvetching about people mangling his last name and walked towards the stable door and hoped Brian would get the hint to follow her.

He did.

She led him to an unoccupied tack room and grabbed their gear before taking his bag and placing it and him inside, "I'll get us all ready to go and you can change."

Brian nodded and smiled at her, "Thank you. I need this more than I can say."

Whitney smiled back, "You're preaching to the choir. One word for you..Finals."

Pulling a grimace, Brian shuddered, "Never had the pleasure of College ones, but the memory of high school ones still manages to produce cold sweats."

Laughing, Whitney made shooing motions with her hands, "Go get changed, I'll have everything ready when you're done."

With one last smile, Brian ducked into the tack room and Whitney saddled up both Sweetie and Kariel for a ride. Digging the *shudder* salad from her bag, she plucked the carrot and apple bits from it and gave each horse a handful, "Now, this is in no way a bribe, but if you both behave you'll get more when we get back and I'll see what I can do about rustling up some sweet feed. Deal?"

Both horses nuzzled her hands and she nodded, "Close enough. Deal."

Hearing a throat clearing behind her, she looked over her shoulder to see Brian looking much more comfortable in a pair of faded, perfectly broken in Levi's, a t-shirt and his Kentucky Wildcats blue baseball cap.

Thinking melting into a sizzling puddle on the stable floor would be bad form, she settled on smiling at him and scratching Kariel on the nose. "Brian, I'd like you to meet Kariel. She'll be your ride this afternoon."

Brian stood slightly behind Whitney and raised his hand to stoke Kariel's long nose, "We going to be friends Kariel?" Nickering a little, Kariel nuzzled Brian's hand and tossed her mane. Brian figured that was close enough to an answer. He leaned forward a bit more to stroke his hand down Kariel's neck and overextended, stumbling slightly. He managed to catch himself with a gentle grab of Whitney's waist. Kariel stepped back a little, not knowing whether to be spooked or not. Whitney on the other hand, was frozen to the spot. One thought in her mind. "" Soothing the horse, Whitney took a step forward, even though she did not want to move...ever...from that spot. Only Brian's arm stayed attached to her waist, following her forward.

Once Kariel was calmed, Whitney looked over her shoulder. "Ok, we're ready. Do you need a boost or are you ok to get on youself?"

Brian looked offended for a second until he realized he didn't look overly tall in comparison to her. Instead he shook his head and swung himself onto the horse with the confidence of someone who had been doing it most of his life.

When she was sure he was stable on Kariel, she led them both out into the paddocks then through the gate to the pasture behind it.

Mounting Sweetie, she smiled at Brian, "I know just the spot. You'll love it."

They rode for a half hour, talking the entire way and Whitney had gotten rein on her inner teenie and now didn't see the man she was riding with as Brian BSB but Brian the guy who smiled a lot and was very comfortable holding a conversation while riding.

Brian's grin was all the confirmation she needed to know she had picked the right spot. It was down by a man-made pond sitting in the pastures and had a perfect grassy knoll for laying against while watching the trees sway in the breeze.

And that's exactly what they did.

Whitney pulled two apples out of the saddlebag and fed them to Kariel and Sweetie. Then she removed two more and handed one to Brian as she sat on the grass next to him. They talked some more about life, college, touring, religion and horses Then they fell into a companionable silence, just having the stress melt out of them and run down the knoll into the lake.

When Brian spoke up it startled them both, "You didn't just spit on me did you?"

Whitney turned her head towards him, her eyes wide, " Why?"

He turned towards her, a clear streak running down into his hair from his forehead, "I think it's going to start raining very soon, then. Either that or a bird.....I don't even want to think about the either."

She snickered and sat up, "Ok, lets get going and maybe we can beat it back..." Just then the sky opened up and a downpour came sheeting out of the sky, "Or maybe not."

They ran for the tree where the horses were tied up and took shelter under it's leaves as well. Shaking her head, Whitney rolled her eyes, "I so do not get Virginia weather. I can still see the sun for goodness' sake!"

Brian nodded in agreement, "I know. At least in Kentucky you get some sort of early warning system like wind or maybe the absense of the sun shining, but I guess Virginia's just special that way."

Grumbling, Whitney shivered as her wet clothes were starting to cool against her skin in the breeze. "Yeah, special in the olympic sort of way. urrrgh."

Shivering again, Whitney stood closer to the tree trunk. Gasping when a pair of arms came around her and rubbed her goosebumped arms, she relaxed when she felt Brian's warmth behind her. "You're cold. I'm sorry I dragged you out here."

Looking over her shoulder, Whitney shook her head, "No, don't be. I've had a great time with you and even if you hadn't shown up outside the stables, I would still be in this predicament. This is where I always go when I'm stressed."

Brian smiled and held onto Whitney tighter, "Well then, I feel better."

Dropping her head back onto his shoulder so she could see his profile she smirked, "Wait a second, what would guilt get me? I may not be totally feeling no blame on you about this."

Brian's laughter echoed off of the rain as he stuck his bottom lip out in a pout. "Awww come on now, that's not nice."

Laughing herself, Whitney grabbed Brian's bottom lip. "Does that pout work on any of your friends?"

Pulling his head back so Whitney lost her grip on his lip, he sighed, "No."

Raising an eyebrow she grinned, "What makes you think it will work on me then? It's not nearly pathetic enough. There's not trembling, no big watery eyes. I'd have to give it a 6.5.

Clutching her with a gentle shake in his arms, he groaned, "Damn! That's just cold and harsh. And I don't work on the pout much, I work on making other things better first."

Whitney's other eyebrow raised to greet the first one, "And what would that be?"

Without a word, one of his hands came up and turned her face more towards his and his mouth came down on hers, his tongue flickering across her lips, asking permission to take it further.

She granted it without a second thought.

Whitney had never been fond of the rain, especially when she was caught in it. But this was so not a bad thing. Not bad at all. In fact is was ranking right up there with one of the best things to ever happen to her. Turning in his arms, she allowed herself to twine her arms around his neck as his slid down to her waist, holding her to him tightly.

Their lips worked agaist each other slowly, with a familiarity that surprised both of them. They fell against the trunk of the tree and kissed on, oblivious to the rain and breeze around them. Gasping inside the kiss, Whitney felt Brian's fingertips on her stomach, travelling upwards.

Feeling the gasp, Brian pulled back and ended the kiss, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

Whitney's only response was to grab the front of his t-shirt and pull him back into the kiss, taking advantage of is dropped jaw to slide her tongue in his mouth and coax him out of shock.

It worked. His hand continued it's journey upwards to find the her hard nipples through her bra and plucked them with his fingertips until Whitney was sucking on his bottom lip a small little growl working it's way out from the back of her throat.

Smiling into another kiss, Brian took the hem of her shirt and pulled it upwards until he had to pull away to remove it. He stayed strong until he removed both her bra and his shirt before giving in to another kiss that made his head spin.

Whitney was not entirely sure her legs would hold her up any longer, between the heat of Brian's chest against hers, the chill of his fingers on her breasts, the roughness of the bark on her back and this kiss that seemed to be going on forever, she knew it was only by his weight holding her against the tree that she was still standing.

And then she was not on her feet any more. She was swept into his arms and gently laid down on the ground, Brian looming above her with the sunlight dappling through the leaves of the tree. He sat back slightly as his hand slid slowly from the base of her neck to the edge of her jeans and paused, silently asking her permission.

Lifting her hips just enough to slide his hand down closer to her heat, she gave him her answer.

Leaning back in, Brian kissed every inch of her neck, nibbling and nuzzling as his fingers removed her jeans and she kicked them off. She lay naked underneath him, but didn't even have a thought of feeling exposed or shy, seeing his eyes taking her in with reverance cleared any such thought from her mind

Her fingers found the knees that were straddled one on each side of her thighs and slid upwards over the soft denim until they met just above the denim and that was clasped together underneath his belly button. Twirling her finger slowly around the indent in his skin, she smiled in response to his giggle and slid her fingertips under the band and jerked him forward so suddenly his hands fell to either side of her head to stop his momentum

Raising one hand to tangle it in the hair at the back of his head, she pulled him in for a kiss while the other hand released the button and zipper that were confining him inside the denim. When they fell open, the hand at his neck fell again to his waist and slid the jeans and his boxers down his thighs. Wrapping her legs loosely around his thighs, she looked up at him.

He met her gaze and smoothed a stray strand of hair away from her kiss swollen lips, "Are you sure?"

She nodded and then gasped as he slid inside of her, filling her so completely she felt the pinpricks of imminent tears at the back of her eyes.

She blinked them away as Brian's body moved against hers, with hers, in a rhythm as old as time but had never in all her life felt so good.

Their lips found one another, swallowing their ragged breaths and gasps inside of the kiss. It seemed to go on forever and yet end too soon as their bodies found the release they were looking for and they both cried out, startling the horses.

As the high faded, they lay facing each other. So close were they, that you could not tell where one began and the other ended, but that was fine with them. To them it didn't seem close enough.

They lay there until the feeling of warming sun on their skin roused them from the stare they had locked each other into. Slowly they pulled themselves to their feet, no awkwardness or modesty between them as they met lips time and again until they were both back within their damp clothes.

Not much was said on the way back to the stable, Brian's breath on the back of her neck as he rode in the saddle behind her said all she needed. Without a word between them, they brushed and groomed the horses and led them back to their stalls, offering them the agreed upon apples, carrots and sweet feed.

Brian's suit and Whitney's backpack were gathered and a few words were exchanged as they parted ways at his car.

Combing her fingers through her still damp hair, she kicked at the backpack before taking off her shoes. Like she said, it was the shittiest of days.

But when Brian's face peeked around the side of the door and smiled at her, "I found a parking spot. Where is this shower you promised me, so I can take you out for that dinner I promised you?" Suddenly, the day wasn't looking so bad after all. Just maybe it was turning out to be the best day of her life.

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2005. Not associated with any celebrities mentioned. All stories are fiction. Any significance to real life situations, attitudes, or actions are purely coincidental. Some stories archived without permission due to unreachable authors with fan requests. No ownership of archived stories claimed and remain property of the original author. For more information, see here. Latest browsers and javascript compatibilty recommended for optimum viewing.

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