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Heat Wave
by Danielle
Adult content.

You get off work and spend an hour in traffic, thanking your lucky stars for the air-conditioning in your car. This heat wave is unbelievable, you think as the D.J. on the radio says the same thing. "Can you believe the heat out there? Makes moving to Alaska look like a wise move, doesn't it dear listeners?" The weather in Orlando had been hovering at just above the 115 degree mark for more than a week now and it showed no signs of breaking. To top it all off the humidity makes it feel like you are moving through a wet blanket anytime you ventured out of any place that was air conditioned. Finally you turn off onto the tree lined street you called home. Pulling into the driveway you smile when you see Howie's car in the driveway. For years now, you two have been house mates. He needed someone to watch over his house when he was away on business and you needed someplace to live upon relocating to Orlando. It had worked out perfectly. There is something below the surface between the both of you, a simmering attraction, but so far you had both kept it under wraps.

You get out of the car and head into the house, wincing as the heat slaps you in the face. You close the door of the house behind you and call out to Howie. He appears from the kitchen, handing you a glass of iced tea.

"Welcome to Hell." The dead pan in his soft voice is not lost to you. You realize it's no cooler in here than outside.

"Howie, what happened to the air conditioning?"

He sighs, "It broke down. The repair guy said he couldn't get here until tomorrow at the earliest."

You groan and he takes your bag from you. "Go upstairs and get out of those clothes." You raise an eyebrow at him and he blushes, "I meant into something cooler!"

You grin brightly, "Suuure ya did, Howie." With a laugh at his deeper shade of crimson, you head up the stairs to change.

You change into your running gear and pop your headphones into your ears. If you couldn't escape into the air conditioning, you might as well go for a run. You grab a water from the kitchen and yell that you are going for a run as you go through the door. Out on the trails through the bush behind the house, you let the rhythm of the music guide your footfalls. As you loop back to head home, you realize you have drank all your water and still had quite the hike to get home. You are hot and sweaty and want a drink of cold water like nobody's business. By the time you get back to the house, you are wringing wet and a little dizzy from thirst.

Howie is on the railing of the back verandah shaking his head at you, "Why would you run on a day like this?"

You open your mouth to answer him, but instead a wave of dizziness knocks you off your feet and you slump to the ground.

Howie dives off his chair with a yelp and manages to grab you before you hit the ground.

You come around to see Howie tilting a cold bottle of water up to your lips, "Drink it, that's it. Good girl." You drink the water and he wipes your face with a cold cloth, "Don't ever scare me like that again. I thought you had a stroke or something!"

You sink back into his arms, loving how protected and safe you feel in them, "Sorry." You slug back the rest of the water like there is no tomorrow and sit up.

He helps you to your feet, "Go have a cold shower and you'll feel much better."

For once you don't have a saucy comeback and simply nod, going up to your room. You spend the better part of an hour under the cold spray, feeling much better when you get out. You pull on your bikini and throw a wrap skirt on. If guys can go traipsing around with no shirts, you could certainly get away with a bikini top, because the thought of even a tank top at this moment makes you want to faint again. Color rushes to your cheeks when you think of how you felt in Howie's arms. You shake the thought out of your mind and go downstairs.

Howie is waiting with a huge plate of salad and pitcher of iced tea set out on the wide railing of the verandah. "Nice outfit."

You smirk, "With it being this hot, you are lucky I'm not walking around naked. Annoys me how you guys can walk around topless and we girls can't"

Color shoots up to his cheeks again and he says something under his breath. You raise an eyebrow, "What was that Howie?"

He knows you aren't going to leave him alone until he answers, "I said I would be one happy camper if you did walk around here naked."

You sit on the verandah with a shocked look on your face, "Well who woulda thunk he had it in him to be a smartass?" You laugh and he joins in. The sound of his laugh setting you off even more. He hands you a fork and you both dig into the salad, talking about the day and how unbelievably hot it is. When the salad is cleared away, you both sip your iced tea and keep talking. You absentmindedly pick an ice cube out of your drink and run it over your neck. "Mmmm, God, it's too hot to live."

You don't notice Howie's silence as he stares at the ice trailing over your collarbone, wishing to god he was that ice cube. Without even thinking, he clears the dishes off the railing, sets them down on the floor and grabs another ice cube from your glass, "Let me help." He takes your hand and runs the cold cube over the inside of your wrist, up your arm, to the inside of your elbow and upwards to your shoulder. You shiver and it isn't entirely from the ice cube's coolness. His tongue follows the same path, lapping up the trail of water left by the ice cube. You take the ice cube in your hands and trail it over crevice between his pecs, watching the water slide down towards his abs. Before you can stop yourself, you are licking up the moisture, tasting the musky saltiness from his skin. A low growl from the back of his throat urges you on. You trail the ice cube up his throat, over his adam's apple and to his jugular, feeling it pulse through the ice. Your mouth finds his neck, nibbling at the flesh that has gotten goosebumped despite the heat. Every last breath leaves him as you suck gently on the skin that covers his jugular, feeling it it pulse beneath your lips.

His arms pull you closer, feeling your hot, sticky skin against his. His fingers slide over your back and you feel your bikini top fall to the floor a few seconds later. A ragged moan leaves your lips as he pulls away and you feel icy coldness swirling over your breasts, teasing them to attention. His mouth finds first one breast then the other, nipping gently at the sensitive skin, his tongue like warm wet velvet on your nipples. Your fingers tangle in his hair as you urge his mouth closer, to take you in deeper. You close your eyes in ecstasy as he kisses down your stomach, leaning you backwards. He traces the ice cube down your stomach and around your belly button. His tongue follows the same path and he plunges it in your navel, sucking on it gently. You feel your body ready to overheat as his kisses work lower. He reaches the edge of your skirt and unties it, letting it slide from your body. His tongue slides under the edge of your bikini bottoms and you arch against his mouth with a cry. His fingers slide under the material at your hips and yank it savagely down your legs. As soon as you kick the material off your ankles, he has the ice trailing up the inside of one thigh and down the inside of the other. Just when you think he can't do any more to turn you on, you feel an icy shock as the cube is trailed over the most intimate parts of you. A cry leaves your lips as you arch in pleasure and surprise. You feel Howie's hot breath taking the edge off the chill as his lips hover less than an inch from the very core of you. Your fingers tangle tighter in his hair as you urge him to taste you. His tongue darts out and flicks over you, causing you to cry out his name. He can take it no more and with a cry of your name, he buries his face between your legs. His ice cold tongue probing secret places as you try to savor the moment and not lose control too quickly. It's nearly an impossible task, he knows just what amount of pressure to use, and what speed will bring you over the edge. Low moans are ripped from your lips as explode against the exquisite torture his tongue is bringing you. He laps up the liquid that spills forth from you and starts to kiss his way back up your body as you try to regain your breath. Your fingers slide down his sides, feeling every muscle, and slide beneath the waistband of his shorts. Your fingers slide to the front and downwards to cup his erection, straining to be released from it's confines. You slide the shorts down and Howie gets to his feet to yank them the rest of the way off. You barely have time to see him in all his naked glory before his weight settles on you and his lips hungrily taste yours. Your hand slides between the two of you and gently guides him slightly inside of you, the rest is up to him. With a sound that is half a whimper, half a growl, he starts to slowly sink inside you. It is all you can do not to scream as you realize the reality of what is happening is better than any fantasy you'd ever had. He's taking his slow, sweet time. Stopping every inch along the way to kiss along your neck or nibble gently on your earlobe. If there is one thing you don't have at this moment, it's patience. Your fingers grasp his hips, your fingertips pressing into the skin, urging him to give you all of him. Your hips buck up slightly trying to convey wordlessly what you want. With a small little smile, he lets you know that he understands. Yet he moves no faster. A noise of frustration leaves your lips as you open your mouth to speak. All that comes out is a primal cry of surprise and pleasure as, with no warning, he changes pace and slams inside of you all the way, as hard and as fast as he can go. Your back arches off the railing as your body adjusts to him, accepting him without question. You barely have time to recover when he sets a deep, hard rhythm, your body picking it up and rolling with it. "My God," you think as his lips attack yours hungrily as his body pumps into yours, nearly moving your whole body with each thrust. You had never known Howie to be so....aggresive.

It turned you on to no end and made you wonder what other surprises this man had in store for you. You look up into his brown eyes, almost a golden color now that they are hazy with desire and he looks down at you, the back of his fingers sliding down the side of your face in a caress, kissing you gently. The absolute tenderness of that gesture had you biting back tears. Before you can get too emotional, your body starts to spin out of control. Your fingernails grip into his back as his thrusts become more urgent. Your mouth opens and his name comes out in a primal cry that echoes in the dark, still night. With a few more frantic movements, he empties himself completely in you, crying out your name. You pull him down to rest on top of you and stroke your hand through his long hair. His still ragged breaths drift over your neck, making you want to start all over again. After a few moments, Howie's voice breaks the silence. "You know this changes everything, don't you?" You wrap your arms around him, holding him close to you. "I know. Does this mean..." He lifts his head, "Yes, it means I love you and I hope you love me. It means I don't want anybody but you ever again." Your heart nearly explodes with joy as you look him in the eyes, "I love you too, Howie." The biggest grin fills his face as he puts his head back on your shoulder. You smile up at the heavens as you lay there on the railing. *drip* Something wet lands on your face. You think that maybe Howie has thrown an ice cube up at you, but another *drip* hits you and you don't see him move. Suddenly the heaven's open up and the long absent rain falls in a downpour. You sit up in surprise and delight, nearly knocking Howie off the railing. You grab him and steady him before running off the verandah and standing in the back yard, face face upturned, arms open wide, letting the rain drench you. Howie stands on the verandah, his eyes dancing merrily, "What are you doing?" You grin, "Enjoying this!" He shakes his head with a grin and goes inside the house. You stare after him. Seconds later, the opening notes of your favorite song in the world, the song that you and Howie had taken as your song, fills the air. You close your eyes and listen to the words. "Dance with me?" You open your eyes and Howie is standing there, holding his hand out to you. You take it and he pulls you into his arms. You sigh and lay your head on his shoulder, your bodies swaying together as you dance naked in the rain. You feel Howie's strong arms pulling you closer as you start to kiss his neck. A content sigh leaves his lips seconds before yours take them prisoner. You feel his desire evident as it presses up against you and you feel it just as much. Smiling devilishly, you spin him and attempt to dip him. He loses his footing on the wet grass and lands on his back with a yelp. You fall with him, landing on him. "I think I like this." You sit up, straddling him watch the rain collect on his chest and run down the sides in streams. He looks up at you, your hair slicked back from the rain and raindrops running over your face. Like you are of one mind, you lean towards each other and meet in a long, searching kiss. His hands find your hips and gently positions you over him. You place your hands on his chest as you slide onto him, taking him deeply inside you. His hands move your hips, showing you exactly how he likes it. You oblige and take up the rhythm. He lets his hands slide down to rest on your thighs and then slides one up to caress you intimately while you ride him. You look down at him, to see him biting his lip, his eyes half closed in desire. You feel a self satisfied smile on your face, knowing it's you that put that look there. His eyes open more and he gazes in your eyes, lifting his torso off the ground to meet you. Instead of kissing you like you expect, he reaches out his tongue and using the very tip of it, he releases a drop of rain that is on the edge of your nipple, letting it slide down his tongue. It tastes of rain and the salt of your skin and the vanilla of your perfume. His lips latch onto the nipple and sucks deeply, feeling your breath catch in your throat.

With a gentle nip of his teeth, he sinks back to the ground. His face tenses as he grabs your hips again and brings you down viciously onto him again and again as his hips buck up to meet you. The combinations sends both you and him right over the edge. His cry reaches out into the night as his body writhes beneath you. You grip his chest, you fingernails digging into the flesh slightly as you feel the world stop spinning for a second. You collapse onto his chest, your breath coming in ragged gasps as he holds you tightly to him. You both lie there in the rain, letting it wash over you. Howie stirs a few minutes later and notices that you are sleeping against his chest, a satisfied smile on your face. He smiles, loving the knowledge that he put it there and there was plenty more where that came from. Carefully gathering you in his arms, he started into the house. You were finally where you belonged, in his arms and he vowed that if one thing was for damn sure, that is where you were going to stay.

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2005. Not associated with any celebrities mentioned. All stories are fiction. Any significance to real life situations, attitudes, or actions are purely coincidental. Some stories archived without permission due to unreachable authors with fan requests. No ownership of archived stories claimed and remain property of the original author. For more information, see here. Latest browsers and javascript compatibilty recommended for optimum viewing.

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