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Angel Undercover
by Danielle
Adult content.

The club is packed, the temperature on the dancefloor had to be at least a million degrees. you scan the crowd, trying to keep your eyes off the jerk of a blind date you had been set up with. Your attention is captured by a group of people spilling onto the dancefloor. You are not the only one who has taken notice of this group, you see other people eyeing up the crowd, looking for fresh meat. In the center of the crowd you notice a familiar sandy blonde head. 'No, it couldn't be' you chastise yourself for leaping to conclusions like that. Even though you know that it's not likely that it is him, you find that you can't tear your eyes away. He must have felt the weight of your stare, because the head lifts until a pair of soulful brown eyes meet yours. You feel your heart leap into your throat and then plummet into your stomach in shock. There he stood in all his badass perfection, Alexander James McLean. He stares right into your eyes refusing to release your gaze. Normally to have someone staring into our soul like that would have you blushing and turning away, but instead you meet his gaze and stare right back. Slowly, that sexy little smile of his creeps across his face. You find yourself mirroring his smile before you can stop yourself. Unfortunately this does not gel well with your date and he gets right in your face, obstructing your view. You thought this man was annoying before, but now he's crossed the line into full out obnoxious. He grabs you roughly, causing you to wince and drags you off the dancefloor and towards the door. He just goes off on you the whole way out, keeping a death grip on your arm as he sneers at you, "You think I don't have eyes?! I saw the way you were lusting after that 'hood!!" You've reached his car and are pretty much speechless with anger and dying of embarrassment. He had caused quite the scene as he'd dragged you out of that club. Instead of biting your tongue, you decide to be brutal and lose this obnoxious asshole "Just who in the hell do you think you are?! You may think you are all that, but I've got a news flash for you. You're not. If it was a choice between you and becoming a nun," You give a sharp humorless laugh, "Just call me Sister!!" His jaw clenches in anger and the next thing you feel is the side of your face throbbing as your head snaps to the side and a sharp slapping noise echoes in your ear. The shock causes you to just stare at him, absolutely struck dumb by the totally uncalled for action of this jerk. Before the shock could wear off and your body regain control of itself, you see a hand grab the jerk's shoulder and spin him around, "Didn't your mama teach you never to hit a woman?" A hand came out of the shadows and plowed the jerk right in the face. Your eyes widened as you saw his head snap back from the force of the blow. It was impossible to see the angel who had saved you, because he was concealed in the darkness that fell outside the ring of light the streetlamp threw around you. The jerk raced headlong into the shadows to retaliate against his attacker. The sounds of flesh meeting flesh and grunts of aggressive exertion fill your ears as you stand under the streetlight, too shocked and terrified to move. What if the jerk wins the fight? you think. Your head tells you to get the hell out of there, but the rest of your body refuses to obey. It's like you are bolted to the ground. The side of your face is throbbing. You lift your hand to your face and wince at the stab of pain brought on by your own touch. The sound of fighting stops as you hear someone hit the pavement. The next sound you hear is a footstep on the pavement, echoing into the night around you.

You finally regain control of your body. Your legs finally obey the desperate messages from your head and you start to run. You hear the footsteps behind you speed up as they run after you. You get no more than 500 ft. when you feel who ever it is right behind you. An arm clamps around middle, pinning your arms at your sides. You open your mouth to scream, but a hand clamps over it before the sound reaches your lips. You feel a body pressed up against yours from behind as out of breath as you are. "It's alright, he's not going to hurt you any more." You go from absolute terror to absolute relief in the blink of an eye and the transition has left your body shaking and and tears shining in your eyes. The hand is still clamped over your mouth and it loosens a little, "Are you gonna scream?" You shake your head no and the arms release you. You turn around to apologize to this man for saving your butt and you are stunned to see A.J standing there. Although he had obviously won the fight, he looked a little battle worn. His lip was slightly swelled and cracked in one place as was his temple and cheek. You feel so bad that he was hurt and so relieved that he'd saved you that before you could say a word of thanks, a sob wrenched it's way out of your lips. You turn away, embarrassed that your emotions are getting the better of you like this. He turns you back around and you find yourself in the protected circle of his arms. He holds you close and strokes his hand over your hair, "Don't cry, it's okay. He won't hurt you anymore. Please don't cry, it just kills me when I see a beautiful woman cry." You bury your face in his shoulder and try your best to quell the soft sobs leaving your lips. Your body is still shaking, but you aren't entirely sure it's from relief alone. His hands rub over your back as he whispers in your ear to calm you. The feel of his body pressed up against yours calms you like nothing else could, yet excites you beyond belief at the same time. He pulls away a little a few minutes later and puts his finger under your chin to tilt your face up to look at him. He looks into your eyes and you find yourself gettting lost in how strikingly deep his eyes are. Those dark pools leave yours as his gaze takes in the rest of your face. His thumbs wipe the last remaining tears from your eyes and you see a frown settle on his features. His thumb gently rubs over your lower lip and you wince a little. He releases you, sparks of anger in his eyes. "Stay right there, I have to go take care of something." Startled, you finally find your voice, "Where are you going?" He lifts his hand and you see that his thumb is streaked with blood. You raise your hand to the corner of your mouth and your finger comes back streaked with blood as well. He clenches both his hands into fists, "He makes you bleed, I make him bleed." He turns around to walk away and you grab ahold of him, wrapping your arms around him from behind, "Don't! Please don't. I don't want you to end up in jail." He stops and turns around, "What is the story with this guy? Is he your boyfriend?" You shake your head vehemently and tell him the whole story. He grabs your hand, leading you further into the parking lot, shaking his head. "I'm thinking whoever set you up with this asshole doesn't really like you much." You give a gentle tug on his hand, "Uh, A.J., where are we going?" He smiles and then winces, "My car." He smiled again, "I don't even know your name." You give his hand a squeeze and tell him your name. He opens the passenger side door to his car for you, "That's a beautiful name." You smile shyly and thank him. He gets in the car and pulls out onto the road, "Did he come and pick you up at your place?" You nod, silently cursing your stupidity.

He turns down a side street, "We can't bring you back there then, he might try something stupid." You calculate how much money you have on you and in the bank, figuring on getting a hotel room for the night. He sees you deep in thought, "What are you thinking about, Beautiful?" You blush and look down at your hands, realizing that you had been staring at him the entire time. "Whether I could swing a hotel room financially and which friend's place I could crash at." He smiled, "Don't even worry about it, I know someone you can stay with." You smile and shake your head in wonder. He sees you and raises an eyebrow, wincing as it tugs on the bleeding mess that is his temple, "Ow. What was that smile for?" You glace sidelong at him, "Just wondering what edge of heaven you fell off of." He grinned, not caring how much it made his face throb, "The part over Florida." You chuckle and sit in amiable silence until you pull into a driveway. A set of iron gates open, revealing a beautiful house, your breath catches in your throat. "Look at that lawn!" He breaks out laughing, "Lawn??? Most people would notice the house. Lawn????" You blush until your head nearly explodes, "Uh when you live in an apartment as long as I have, you value open spaces." You grin, "I am green with lawn envy." Your wisecrack catches him by surprise and he actually snorts before he laughs. That sets you off and you clap your hand over your mouth, trying not to laugh at the man who saved your ass. He rolls his eyes, "Ah shit, thank you, I needed a laugh." You smile and choke down your laughter enough to answer him, "You're welcome. Anytime." He parks the car infront of the garage and is around to your side of the car before you can even unfasten your seatbelt. He holds out his hand, waiting for you to grab it and when you do, helping you out of the car. He motions to the house, "Welcome to Casa McLean. You are in luck, we have a vacancy." You smile, "A.J., really, I could just call a friend to pick me up." He shakes his head, "Not on your life. It was me eyeing you up that got you into this mess." You shake your head, "No, I didn't exactly look away. I just couldn't help wishing that I was there with you instead of that creep." You realize what just came out of your mouth and immediately blush eight shades of red. A.J. sees you just about dying of embarrassment and smiles, "I was trying to figure out a way to get to talk to you without that Jerk in the way, but he dragged you out of there before I could figure out a plan." He opens the front door and clicks on the light. He takes your jacket and you turn to face him, "Is that why you followed us?" He shook his head, "When I saw you wince and realized that that Jerk was hurting you, I couldn't let you leave with him." You look down at your shoes as you kick them off and mutter, "My Angel Undercover" under your breath. He doesn't hear you and grabs your hand, "Let's get that cut taken care of." He sits you down at the kitchen table and pulls out a first aid kit. He get a wet cloth and wipes the dried blood off the corner of your mouth gently and you feel the tip of his thumb tracing the edge of your lip. You look at him, but his eyes refuse to meet yours, instead they stare at your lips. He takes the cloth and wipes the tear tracks off your cheeks, his eyes never leaving your lips for too long. His eyes finally find yours again and he leans closer to you, so close that you can feel the heat and moisture from his breath on your lips. He stays there and doesn't come any closer. You are so close you can smell the scents of his cologne and shampoo. You find your body automatically leaning towards him, "Did I thank you for what you did?" He shook his head, "No." You lightly kiss him on the lips, barely brushing them, "Thank you, My Angel Undercover" He traces your lips with the tip of his finger, " Angel Undercover, I like that." He leans in and catches your lips to his, gently nibbling on your bottom lip before he pulls away. You stand up and gently push him down on the chair you previously occupied and kneel between his legs.

HE:"Do I have to put this on?"

SHE:"Yes, if you don't you could get an infection or something and then they would have to cut it off."

HE: "But no one's ever made me before and nothing happened."

SHE: "If you don't stop moving, I won't be able to get it on"

You finish spreading the antibacterial creme on his cuts, holding his face still so he doesn't squirm. (What in the hell were you thinking I was talking about???!!!) He screwed his face up, "It stings." He goes to wipe it off and you grab his hands, "Let it sit on there for a minute. Who knows what kind of cooties that asshole had." He grins, "Cooties?" You nod seriously, "Cooties. I opened the door and that was the first thing that popped into my head. This looks like a man who is crawling with cooties, and I was right." He did the adorable snort thing again and you took the opportunity to dab some more cream on a spot you had missed. He caught you and grabbed the creme, throwing it down the hallway. You give him a look, "Fine, don't cry to me when they have to cut your lips off." He cupped your face in his hands, "Then I better use them while I still have them, huh?" He leaned down and kissed you again, his tongue gently sliding between your lips. You feel your whole body come alive as you wrap your arms around him and kiss him back, both of you falling to the kitchen floor, his weight feeling so good on top of you. Your fingers trace every ridge and crevice of his back, then travel upwards to tangle in his soft, baby fine hair. You hear a moan leaving the back of his throat and your body automatically answers. His hands slide down your sides, finding the edge to your skirt and then slide back up towards your waist, taking the skirt with it. You feel his slightly rough fingertips sliding up the inside of your thigh, making your breath come in short gasps. God, you want this man so bad. He takes your hand and places it on himself, and you know the desire isn't one sided. Your fingers work at opening the front to his pants, once you have, your hand eagerly dives beneath the fabric to explore him. A low moan leaves his lips as you feel his body come alive beneath your fingertips. His fingers slide up the inside of your thigh and slide the flimsy strip of material to the side as his fingers explore every part of you. You can hardly breathe from the sensations he's exposing you to. Your fingers become more urgent in their exploration as you feel him rip the front of your shirt open, the buttons flying everywhere, and his mouth latches onto your breast, not even taking the time to remove your bra first. Your free hand slides the strap off your shoulder, lowering the sheer material of your bra off your breast. His hungry mouth takes the finally uncovered nipple into his mouth and licks and nibbles until you cry out. Your hands grab the hem of his shirt and yank it up his torso. He pulls away from you only long enough to let you pull it over his head, then lifts your upper body off the floor, sending first your shirt, then your bra skidding across the floor. You have your hands on A.J.'s hips with your fingers pointing down towards his toes and you slide your hands down his legs, bringing his pants and boxers with them. He smiled at you, sweat already beginning to form around his hairline and kicked them off. He pulled you to your feet and wrapped sat you on the kitchen table, kissing you hungrily as his fingers found your panties again. He grabbed the material on each of your hips and yaanked them down to your knees in one pull, desperate to have you. He goes to lean in to kiss you again, not even realizing he's almost pushing the panties back up your legs. You bend one leg and slide the panties over your ankle as his kisses become harder and deeper, mirroring the rising urgency in his body. As soon as the path is clear between your legs, He bunches your skirt around your waist and leans you back onto the table, driving himself deeply inside you. You cry out at the feeling of collision inside you and your back arches off the table. He's worried he has hurt you until you grab his hips and send him deeper. He takes the subtle hint and starts a deep, demanding rhythm. The table shudders underneath you with each brutal stroke. You hardly notice that the table is tipping over until A.J. lets out a startled cry. He picks you up off the table and holds you close to him. Your breath vacates your body in a staccato cry as he pins you up against the wall with his body, finding his rhythm again. His hips thrust upwards into yours as you dig your nails into the back of his neck. You find your breath again, only to have it leave just as quicikly as you cry out his name. You tighten your legs around him as his mouth finds your neck, biting it gently. You feel something on your ankle and open your eyes, to see your panties tangled around your ankle, forgetting to kick them off in your haste. An evil little smile fills your face for a second before you feel your body start to shudder, gasps leaving your lips as your hips arched to meet his. A.J. feels your body start to shudder and knows you are close to the edge. He drives deeper and harder, having more and more trouble keeping his body under control. You cry out with satisfaction as your entire body feels like it is throbbing. A.J.'s legs are so tired, they start to tremble and finally give out on him. You both fall to the floor and you land straddling him, gravity sending him so deeply inside you, you nearly feel him hitting your lungs. You know that he hasn't satisfied himself, his body still rock hard inside of yours. With a smile of pure primal satisfaction, you start to move your body on top of his. Startled, he goes to roll you both over, but you resist the movement and put your hands on his chest, holding him down. You ride him and you ride him hard, almost to the point of being brutal. His cries echo from one end of the house to the other, until his entire body tenses and his hips buck wildly into yours. His body arches like a bow off of the floor, nearly lifting you off the ground, a wild, hoarse, unrestrained cry leaves his lips. The feeling of him exploding inside you sends you over the edge once again and you fall on top of him in an exhausted heap. He wraps his arms around you and you lay side by side, still entwined and fall into an exhausted sleep.

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2005. Not associated with any celebrities mentioned. All stories are fiction. Any significance to real life situations, attitudes, or actions are purely coincidental. Some stories archived without permission due to unreachable authors with fan requests. No ownership of archived stories claimed and remain property of the original author. For more information, see here. Latest browsers and javascript compatibilty recommended for optimum viewing.

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