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May 14, 2009: I am working on redoing the links. Currently, all links before #185 still work.

Authors listed in alphabetical order. All stories are complete unless otherwise noted. Bauhaus Classics claims no ownership of archived stories and makes every effort to credit each lost author properly. All text formatting, quirks and typos remain here as they were in original form. For more information, see the disclaimer.

Reading Guide:
Hover your mouse over each title for a brief description. Click on titles for the full summaries.
Short stories load directly in your browser, no downloading required.
Long/Other stories may require downloading a file which will open in your word processor, due to length.
Alternatively, some stories are a download of a zipped file with scans inside. Please note the file names carefully to read in order.
Some long stories are combinations of the above methods. In which case, directions will be provided.

Thanks and happy reading!

Author: Amanda
Fics archived: [1]
Long - [Mind Games]

Author: Bria
Fics archived: [1]
Long - [Shards of a Shattered Life]

Author: Cecilia
Fics archived: [29]
Short - [A Friend to Me] [Rubick's Cube] [So Long] [Without Question]
Long - [I Got You] [Make a Stand] [Natural Bridge] [Someone Else] [Stranded] [Superman] [Suspicious Minds] [This Time]
Miniseries - [Holiday, Truth] [Parallel Universe] [Pity for a Dime, The Panic in Me, If You Can't Say No] [Rollercoaster] [Wishes, Dance, In a Little While]

Authors: Cecilia and Janie (J-Kat)
Fics archived: [2]
Long - [Survivor, Survivor II]

Author: Danielle
Fics archived: [11]
Short - [Angel Undercover] [Heat Wave] [Paintings in My Mind] [Stress] [Sunday Morning After] [The Video] [Welcome Home]
Long - [Can You Feel Me?]
Miniseries - [You're Gone]

Author: Danielle (and Tina through FFG Chapter 16)
Fics archived: [3]
The Grace Series - [Full of Grace, You Do What You Have to Do, Fall From Grace (incomplete, 50 chapters)]

Author: Diane
Fics archived: [1]
Long - [A Christmas Story]

Author: Janie (J-Kat)
Fics archived: [15]
Short - [Clueless] [Cynic's Best Friend] [Eleven Twenty Four PM] [It Never Would Have Worked Out Anyway] [Jerk] [perfect-nick-unperfect] [Still Right]
Long - [Right Kind of Wrong] [Something Like You, Go With Your Heart]
Miniseries - [Amber Rose] [One Night, Pink Lines]

Author: Jen
Fics archived: [2]
Long - [Life in the Fast Lane] [The Boy is Mine]

Author: Jennifer
Fics archived: [6]
Short - [Blow Your Mind] [Brian the Avenger] [Days in December]
Long - [As It Is In Heaven] [Snapshots] [Toronto Sucks!]

Author: Karah
Fics archived: [13]
Short - [Do You Remember] [On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful] [Red Ragtop] [Review My Kisses]
Long - [Craving] [Heart Without a Home] [I Hope You Dance ] [It's Not Just Me] [These Days, These Are the Days]
Other - [The Aaralyn Files (incomplete)]

Author: Kristy
Fics archived: [15]
Short (NEW!) - [A "True" Story] [Cafe Terrace At Night] [Right For Me] [Touch] [Gone, The Two of Us]
Long - [In My Hands] [This I Promise You] [What Makes You Different] [What's Simple is True]
The Chicago Series (NEW!) - [I Move On] [He Had It Comin'] [Roxie] [Razzle Dazzle] [When You're Good to Mama]

Author: Lis
Fics archived: [1]
Long - [Fallen]

Author: Natalie
Fics archived: [2]
Long - [The Unspoken Truth, Truth be Told]

Author: Refuse2Lose
Fics archived: [14]
Short - [Last Chance, Powder, Snow Day, Ummm... Can We Borrow This?]
Long - [Seven Days, Out of Nowhere]
Song - [Crash and Burn, You're Not Alone] [How Did I Fall In Love With You?, I'm Already There, Like The Rain, My Next Thirty Years, Somewhere In Between, These Are The Moments]

Author: *Sabrina* and *Jill* (The BSB Attorneys)
Fics archived: [3]
The Port Trilogy - [Port in a Storm, Good Enough, Flashes of Light]

Author: Stacy
Fics archived: [19]
Short - [After Midnight] [Just a Walk in the Park] [Kaos] [Losing Touch] [Memoirs of a Broken Soul] [Number One Crush] [One Instant] [You Took Me By Surprise]
Long - [Master of Fate] [Somehow, Some way]
Slash - [Lucidity, Stupefied, Us Against the World (incomplete, 28 chapters)]

Author: Whitney
Fics archived: [12]
Short - [Afterimages] [Christmas Wish] [Derby Charm] [Fly] [Home For Christmas]
Long - [Nowhere to Run, If You Knew What I Knew (incomplete, 45 chapters) (NEW!)] [Where Can We Go From Here?]
Miniseries - [All Good Things (incomplete, 4/5 parts)]

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© 2005. Not associated with any celebrities mentioned. All stories are fiction. Any significance to real life situations, attitudes, or actions are purely coincidental. Some stories archived without permission due to unreachable authors with fan requests. No ownership of archived stories claimed and remain property of the original author. For more information, see here. Latest browsers and javascript compatibilty recommended for optimum viewing.

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